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20 Apr Woodland Has Talent

Excitement is building for our Woodland Has Talent show which will be happening on Wednesday the 2nd of May (2nd- 6th Class), with a dress rehearsal on Tuesday 1st of May (J.I. to 1st Class, A.S.D. Classes and S+L Classes). The categories will be: Singing,...

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14 Feb Student Council

There was great excitement in the hall today as we gathered for the results of the election to Woodlands N.S first ever Student Council. Below are the pictures of our brand new Woodlands Student Council  .Well done to all those elected, we look forward to...

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19 Jan Hand Hygiene

In science we were examining hand hygiene.We did an experiment where we handled pieces of bread with dirty hands, gloves, clean hands and hand's that used hand gel. We found that hand gel and washed hands did the best and that gloves and...

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