School Uniform Code

Children must have one uniform and one P.E. uniform

School Uniform:

  • Crested Red School Jumper or Cardigan
  • White Blouse/Shirt to be worn with crested jumper/cardigan



  • Navy Trousers
  • Tailored Navy Knee Length Shorts (Optional for summer)



  • Navy Skirt/Pinafore/Trousers
  • Navy Knee Length Shorts (Optional for summer)



  • Navy or Black Shoes/Runners (plain)

P.E. Uniform:

  • White Soft Collared Polo Shirt
  • Sweatshirt Red same as jumper (No Crest or Hood)
  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms (No Stripes or Logos)
  • Runners (any colour) allowed for P.E.

No leggings allowed.

Socks or tights should be in keeping with school colours e.g. White or Navy

Crested school jumpers/cardigans are available only at County Seat uniform shop Lower Main Street. All other uniform items are available there or at local department stores. Please note that County Seat, for reasons of colour and quality is the only approved supplier of the crested jumper/cardigan. No other garment should have a school crest – P.E. sweatshirt, coat/jacket.

P.E. uniform may be worn on P.E. Days only. On all other days school jumper or cardigan, must be worn with pinafore, trousers or skirt.

If children are representing the school at formal functions i.e. Choir, Interschool Quiz, etc. they must wear the school jumper/cardigan not the sweatshirt and in this event advance notice will be given.

Wearing the school uniform is part of the Code of Behaviour and will be monitored on a regular basis.

All clothing must be marked with children’s names.

Please Note:

No make-up including nail varnish is permitted. Apart from stud earrings no other jewellery is permitted. Appropriate hair-style required.