It’s hard to believe that another school tour has been and gone. The year has flown in. This year the boys and girls were treated to pancakes and popcorn. Thankfully the weather didn’t put too much of a dampener on the day. In the morning, everyone hopped onto a couple of busses and we made our way to Lucas for a lovely breakfast of pancakes with lots of delicious toppings. Everyone loved their food and showed fantastic manners to the staff.

We then made our way to the cinema to pick up some popcorn and to sit back and relax for a great movie. We got to see the brilliant new Garfield which I’m sure everyone really enjoyed. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side for the last stop of our tour and we didn’t make it to the park.

We decided to get back to the school for some more fun. The boys and girls from the three classes mixed together to play board games, on the iPads, ping pong and some dodgeball in the PE hall. I’m sure everyone had a great day away from the books and pencils, which was well deserved after a year of hard work.