On Monday 11th March Father Eamon Kelly and Brid came from the charity Mary’s Meals to collect our donation to the charity. We decided to donate some of our Confirmation money to the charity. Father Kelly told us about Mary’s Meals and how it started. The founder Magnus McFarland is from Scotland and the charity feeds 2.4million children every day. We donated a total of €725 which will feed 33 children for a year. It costs €22 to feed one child for a full year. The idea is that the children go to school and they will get a meal. Father Kelly has visited 3 of the countries where Mary’s Meals feeds children. He told us stories from his travels. We asked him some questions. For example, how many countries do Mary’s Meals feed children in? He answered 18. Are there other support groups in Ireland? He answered that they charity has groups all over Ireland. The charity is getting bigger. They don’t spend money on advertising so they rely on people talking to other people about the charity. We are very happy to now be part of the Mary’s Meals community with our donations.

By Matthew McCloskey and Aoife O’Donnell