Mrs McLaughlins room have been embracing many Aistear topics over the last few months!

In November, the children learned all about the Arctic. They learned about the Northern Lights and used chalks to recreate the images they saw! The children became explorers while in the roleplay corner, looking for the native animals of the North Pole, ice-fishing and getting warm again over hot chocolates in the Cocoa Cafe. They played games and built their own little igloos.

In November, we also enjoyed science week. We had fun doing experiments! We watched how skittles form colours when exposed to warm water.  We created a snowstorm in a jar using baby oil, white paint and alka seltzer! We watched raisins dancing in a glass of 7up! 

In January, our Aistear corner became a very busy Doctor’s Surgery! The children learned all about the doctor’s surgery by taking on the different roles of the people working to care for the sick. We had receptionists, doctors and nurses, as well as very convincing patients needing much care.

The children enjoyed the roleplay corner and played in the Baby Hospital. The children made doctor’s bags and made arm prints to create x-Ray images. It was so much fun. We also had a real-life nurse visit the classroom (thank you Jodie-Ann!) and she told us everything we wanted to know about nursing 👩🏻‍⚕️