What playful learning took place in Ms Duffy’s room in January with our new Aistear Theme “At the Dentist”.  We spent some time learning all the appropriate vocabulary first like decay, cavities and flossing and then put all our newly acquired language into action in the Role play Corner. We enjoyed some fun Maths games at the small world area, where we had to roll a dice, solve the problem and then colour in the correct number of decayed teeth!!! We hope to never  have teeth like that!!!!!! We worked on our fine motor skills also with our play doh dentist game and learned all about turn taking in our Crocodile Snap Game.
One of our lovely parents is an orthodonist, and she,  so kindly came in to give a talk to the class on how to care for our teeth. She brought so many lovely stickers and gifts that tied in with our theme.  We were most grateful.
All in all, it was a fun-filled January