Friendly 6th Class Visitors

Today the junior class from An Choill were joined for PE by some 6th class pupils. They were very eager and full of fun setting up physical games and activities for everyone. It is lovely getting to know all pupils from around the school and having fun together....

Our Strengths Tree- Kindness

Look at these great boys and girls. They have shown the strength of kindness in lots of different ways this week!

Well-Being Week

As part of Well-Being Week, Ms Walker’s class was partnered with Mrs Wilson’s and Mr Sheils’ classes. All three classes joined together for some cooperative games outside. 6th class also created Kahoot quizzes on the iPads for senior infants to engage with. Mrs...

Our Strengths Tree

The strength we are focusing on for February is  FORGIVENESS. These great children told us all about times they had been spotted showing the strength of forgiveness.

Our New Strength

The character strength we are focusing on in February is FORGIVENESS. These pupils had some lovely stories of how they forgave people this week!

Our Strengths Tree

These wonderful pupils were were spotted by their teachers and SNAs showing the strength of Kindness. Their leaves are so beautifully decorated!