Walk in the Woods

The Infants enjoyed a walk to the local woods, where they enjoyed a teddy bear’s picnic and some exploration time beneath the trees. What a fabulous woods and what a lovely bonding experience  The teddies were on their best...

School Tour 2023

The children had a great time on their school tour to Ards Forest Park! They played in the beautiful playground, built sandcastles on the beach, had a picnic and enjoyed some tasty ice-cream from the on-site cafe. The children were so well behaved. Well...

Our Strengths Tree

All these amazing children were spotted showing the strength of TEAMWORK last week. Mrs O’Donnell’s whole class got leaves because they were working so well together. Great news, everyone!

Odd Socks Day

From Junior and Senior Infants all the way up to 6th Class we had great fun on Odd Sock Day! Lots of pupils wore their oddest socks on Friday 28th April. This showed that although we are all different , we are all unique and beautiful. It was a lovely way to round off...

Our Strengths Tree

These wonderful children helped each others’ classmates and used the strength of TEAMWORK this week. Well done, everyone!

Our Strengths Tree

So many  children have been working on the strength of Teamwork this week. Well done, everyone!