On Thursday 14th September around 40 children went to the cross country competition in O’Donnell Park. It was really warm which made it harder. We left the school at 10am and it was great to see so many people coming home with a medal. The races all felt long but everyone did their best. Everyone really worked hard for their team. I was part of the u13 girls team. Our team came 3rd place out of eight schools.


On Tuesday 19th September the same children went to the Finn Valley cross country competition. The races felt more tiring this time because it was muckier and there were some uphills. The weather wasn’t as good as the day in O’Donnell Park. Again, most of the people won a team medal. All our training paid off. There were two individual medal winners – Katie McDowell camed 3rd and Flynn Mulligan won a gold medal. I really enjoyed the cross country experience and thank you to the teachers and Laura, our SNA who came with us and gave us the chance to do this.


By Amielle Dadon