Our Digital Showcase is off to a great start this morning.
The pupils from Mr O’Malley’s 4th class and Ms Walker’s 6th class are demonstrating the various technologies we have in school with Ms Haughey’s class as happy participants!!
All the teachers in school will have an opportunity to visit today and to see the children integrating Bee Bots and Botley with Maths, Gaeilge and English.
They will see children from Mr O’Malley’s class making Keynote Presentations and others using Scratch to illustrate historical characters.
Some of Ms Walker’s class are using games they designed to integrate Kahoot with the curriculum and others are using Bee Bots for Geography.
Sixth class are also demonstrating our Vex Robot which we hope will be part of the Robotics competition next year.
What a great day lies ahead for the teachers!