Mr. Meehan’s 6th class were exploring electricity in science.

What have we Learned?

Electricity needs a circuit. You can make light with 2 batteries, 2 wires and a bulb. You need two wires connecting to a bulb. If you put the wire on the rim of the bulb it is brighter You can’t put the same wire in the same bulb one has to go to the battery.

If you have not that good power you won’t get a good light The higher power in the bulb the brighter it will be. The weaker the battery the weaker the light. If the metal and the wire is not close enough to the bulb it won’t light up If you have 2 lights and one is weaker than the other the weaker one borrows from the other. The more bulbs you use the more batteries you need.

You can create a flickering light by interfering the circuit with wood/plastic. Electricity travels really fast. Working together as a team. It doesn’t always work…

Safety Advice: Be careful of the lead in the batteries We work with things that could kill you. You can die from an electric shock.