On Friday we had the first of our Monthly Assemblies. The whole school got together to share lots of wonderful news.
Ms Slevin told us about the Vision for the school and we all said it together:
We are a happy caring school family who inspire, nurture and learn from each other with God by our side.
Our Student Council told us about all their activities and their plans. This was the first time they met the whole school at the same time! Gillian spoke really well as she shared everything they are doing for us all.
Ms Kay and some sixth class explained our new strength to us. This month we are working on the strength of Forgiveness. Some wonderful actors from Sixth Class did some role plays for us so that we would all understand what forgiveness means.
Then Ms Slevin called out lots of names and asked those boys and girls (and teachers and SNAs) to stand up. We were all wondering what was going on. Then Ms Slevin said that it was because we all had our birthdays in January! Everyone in the school gave us all three cheers.
At the end of the Assembly Ms Slevin called out her Merit Award. This was given to a pupil who has shown great resilience and perseverance and hard work. Ms Slevin called Madison up to the front of the hall and we all gave her a huge cheer. Ms Slevin said that she was inspirational!
The assembly ended and we all went back to class.
We are looking forward to next month’s assembly already!