A great week was had by everyone during maths week. The children participated in fun, engaging and interactive maths activities. The children got the chance to explain and share the activities with some of the junior classes which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The children had to estimate how many coloured balls, blocks and sweets that were in
the containers.

Children had to sort the skittles according to colour and represent it in a block graph.

Children had to estimate the weight of parcels and place them in order starting with
the lightest.

Children had to make the face of a clock using numbered stones and a hula hoop.

Dice War
Children had to throw 3 dice and add up their sum. Whoever had the highest answer
got a point.

Fill the jar
Children had to throw a dice. The number on which the dice landed was the amount of
cubes that were to be placed in the jar. This had to be repeated a number of times and
the winner was the person who filled their jar first.

Children had to complete patterns using coloured lollipop sticks.

Children had to make 5c, 10c, 20c using 1c, 2c, 5c 10c