Last Week was EU Coding Week. As a school we endeavored to get our coding hats on and get stuck into some really complex work. Our school is wonderfully resourced when it comes to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). From iPads to programmable robots, we have it all. Our main focus this week was on the use of Lego WeDo. This is a fantastic program that allows the children to both physically build Lego robots and then use the WeDo App to use simple coding techniques. The class were able to code a snail to light up in different colours and patterns. They programmed a cooling and then moved on to some wheeled robots which they could control using code on the app. It’s seriously impressive stuff.

These projects allowed the children to work as a team as builders, engineers, problem solvers and coders. It was amazing how quickly and efficiently they were able to complete these complex tasks. It was also wonderful to see the class helping each other overcome technical issues that always seem to pop up when working with technology.

We will continue to use these brilliant programs throughout the year which will allow us to develop some top class coders, engineers and problem solvers.