It’s been a busy couple of months for the infants in Mrs McLaughlin’s room! While learning many new words and phrases ‘as Gaeilge’ and learning new skills like blending our sounds, we spent time learning all about the Pizzeria restaurant!

Throughout the theme, we touched on the roles of the people that work in the restaurant business. We learned about the importance of manners in both staff and customers. We learned some facts about Italy and we enjoyed looking at images of the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We talked about different foods and this led into a discussion about Healthy Living.

Much fun was had learning about The Pizzeria through play. Some children attempted to make their own leaning towers using our stash of junk art. Some children made armour similar to that worn by the Gladiators in the amphitheatres of Rome! Others made delicious dishes of their very own using playdoh and our cooking tools. Children played games like ‘The Pizza Game’, ‘Jelly Elephants’ and ‘BBQ Party’. It’s a theme they will remember fondly.

In January, the children invited their grandparents to visit their classroom. The children performed ‘Sing a Rainbow’ and recited a poem ‘Grandad Can’t See His Feet’. The Grandparents were a wonderful audience and the children were thrilled with the response! Afterwards, both children and grandparents gathered in the hall for tea, juice and treats. It was a special time and one that will be remembered by all.

For the first time in Woodland National School, the children experienced a “Drop Everything and Create” Day! They came to school expecting a regular school day, but were invited to a morning assembly, during which the surprise was unleashed!

On their return to the classroom, many resources were available for the children to use any way they pleased. We used our school vision as inspiration and we focused on the words “inspire, nurture, learn”.
In Mrs McLaughlin’s room, the children used junk art resources, paints, clay, play doh, building blocks, the puppet show stand and puppets…. The ideas were endless! The children loved it.

We enjoyed ‘Well-Being Week’ 2024. It gave us the opportunity to link up with our Buddy Class, Mrs Walker’s sixth class. They visited us in the classroom and they ‘gave us a voice’ by asking us different questions and giving us time to share our answers. It was so lovely to see the children answering the questions while genuinely being heard and being listened to! Thanks to the sixth class, for being super attentive and helping the children to understand how important their little voices are! The children loved the thought-provoking questions…. Like “what would you choose if you could only eat one type of sweet for a year” and “if you could be an animal, what would you choose and why?”! As an observing class teacher, it struck me how excited the children were to have the undivided attention of a listener 💛