Junior Infants have settled nicely into school life in Woodland Ns. They have enjoyed many walks around the grounds, soaking up Autumn’s offerings while growing familiar with our school environment.

Mrs McLaughlin’s class have been talking about The Family, and the importance of our family. All our families look so different. It was fun comparing our households with each other 💗

We’ve been making friends and getting to know each other better, through work and play!

Mrs McLaughlin’s class enjoyed teaming up with Ms Walker’s class and Ms Gormley’s class while learning about coding and exploring Woodland’s Beebots! We had heaps of fun. The big class students were so kind and helpful.

When the sun shines and the rain stays away, the children love to visit the sensory playground! They practise their balancing skills on the ropes and stepping-logs, and they’ve learned how to swing without needing a push! They like to use up any extra-energy on the trampoline, always waiting patiently for their turns 🙌