The children really enjoyed Seachtain na Gaeilge! Chuaigh muid ar súil, ag lorg píosaí éadaí. Bain muid sult as an tasc sin.

The children in Mrs McLaughlin’s class really enjoyed the Gaelic football sessions they attended with the visiting Gaelic coach Manus Kelly and his helper, Dylan.
They learned new skills while playing very entertaining games!! Look at those happy faces; they had the best time.

Learning about Emergency services, with a focus on the Doctor’s surgery, has been a highlight for the children in Mrs McLaughlin’s junior infant class this February/ March.

Learning about illnesses and the steps taken to get better lit up their imaginations! The Roleplay corner was hugely enjoyed and the scenarios being played out were dramatic, realistic and showed me how attentive children are to events that play out in their own lives.

They had a lot of fun with it, switching between being the health service worker and the person in need of care. We had a baby hospital too and the children showed their caring sides by minding the babies beautifully. Here are a few pictures.

The children learned about the Doctor’s Surgery through other fun activities, such as crafts, games and small world.

We were honoured to receive a visit from a very, very busy paramedic, Mr Johnny Duffy. He took time out of his busy schedule to teach the children all about his job as a first responder. We were allowed to investigate inside the ambulance (we even got the chance to sit in the driver’s seat!). We saw the radio used for emergency dispatches and we saw the stretcher and seats in the back of the ambulance.

We listened carefully to Mr Duffy as he explained the tests he does on different patients, depending on their needs. He showed us the heart monitor machine and other equipment that helps him to do his job so well. The children didn’t miss a word.

There was great excitement when Mr Duffy sent a radio call to his colleague using his ‘walkie talkie’ and he allowed the children to communicate with his colleague.
Thank you Mr Duffy, we will always remember your visit.

Once again, Woodland NS celebrated World Book Day together, while having a Pyjama Day to raise funds for the Laura Lynn Foundation.
The children in Mrs McLaughlin’s class met Ms Walker’s class in the library. The 6th class pupils read to the children in the school Library.
Afterwards, the infants enjoyed some cereal in their classroom; what else would you eat while wearing your bed clothes!

Just before we broke for Easter break, we went on an Egg hunt in the outdoor classroom!
We had to hunt for an egg bearing the first initial of our name. And we did it! Inside were many little chocolate treats!

The children were introduced to the very fun app ‘Chatterpix’ during their recent ICT lesson. The children learned how to animate pictures so that they could talk. The children chose to take photos of characters from a range of books. They then recorded themselves speaking and brought the book characters to life. There was a lot of learning going on, a lot of great teamwork and a lot of sharing creations and laughing!!!