Junior Infants had a blast learning all about The Arctic in November!!

We learned about the animals found in the North Pole. We looked at how the Inuit people live; at their diet, their homes and hobbies.
We enjoyed exploring the topic through Aistear.
We loved playing in the Roleplay Area, where we worked in the Cocoa Cafe and camped out with other Arctic explorers. We hunted the animals off the habitat, checking our lists with each sighting, before warming up with a hot chocolate in the cafe.

In the Small World area, we played with arctic explorers, Inuit people and husky dogs pulling sleighs! We put the Arctic animals into fake snow and let the little people warm-up in the igloos. We built igloo-shaped structures using our blocks and magnetic tiles. It was heaps of fun.

We enjoyed making our own Igloos. We also got to make (and eat) marshmallow snowmen and real hot chocolate (just like the cocoa served up in the Cocoa Cafe!)
We also used our junk art resources to make boats, and we tested our boats in the water; would it sink or float, and why 🤔

It was a great learning experience 😁