The boys and girls in Ms Kilkenny’s class have been very busy this month.

The children had a wonderful time exploring the Hallowe’en theme this month- from exploring Hallowe’en sounds, visiting and working in the witches’ and wizard’s den making potions, painting Hallowe’en witches, making a chalk fireworks display, making Hallowe’en items out of playdo, making Hallowe’en decorations out of boxes and containers, playing with the water and rice, drawing potions, playing with the haunted house, creating a haunted house for the witch from ‘Room on the Broom’ and so much more.

They have also been learning lots of new sounds and skills which they will need for reading like counting words in a sentence, exploring rhyming words, exploring syllables and blending the sounds in words.

After working SO hard on their fine motor skills for the past two months they were so excited to learn how to write their very first letter- the letter c.

Another fun thing that happened during October was when the 6th Class children came to their classroom to help them learn how to code the Beebots during Maths/ Coding week.

They finished off their second month in school by creating their own monster biscuits and dressing up on the day before the holidays and they looked SPOOK- tacular!!

Have a look at the video below to see the kids in action 🙂