Poet and artist Denise Blake is coming into our class every Wednesday. She talks to us and helps us to come up with great ideas and words and then, like magic, she puts them all together and, hey presto we have a poem.

We wrote one called “Colours” and another called “A Rainbow”.


Red is a robin, rose, Puppy Slushy, a pepper, fire, clock, sofa

Cherries, jam, a Coca Cola tin, an apple, scarf with dots and a cap

Red is lipstick, surfboard, car, lights, balls, balloons, a lady bug

Strawberries, raspberries, ketchup, tomatoes, our school jumper

Red is a car, tractors, a football team, t-shirt, bow tie, necklace

Elves, Christmas decorations, baubles, Rudolph’s nose, Santa’s suit


Blue is a boat, car, sofa, wall clock, book, bicycle, a summer’s sky

A perfume bottle, eyeshadow, hats, a hoodie, jeans, handbag, shoes

Blue is Christmas crackers, balloons, party hats, the ocean and waves


Green is a chaffinch, holly, hazel, ash, the stems of flowers, grass

The green head of a mallard duck, green fields, an oak leaf, trees

Green is lettuce, brussels sprouts, cucumber, curtains, a green banana

A Christmas tree, ornaments, wrapping paper, an elf’s top.


Red, blue and green are colours on a rainbow

                                         A Rainbow

If I could keep a rainbow

I would do anything I want with it – make it big, make it small

I would stretch it and put it down and watch it make a pot of gold


If I could keep a rainbow

I would turn everything into rainbows

I would change it into light colours, dark colours and different shapes

And I would find so many gemstones


If I could keep a rainbow

I would make it into a swingboat

I would put it in my room and I would say “good morning”

To my rainbow every morning


If I could keep a rainbow

I would keep it in the sky when it is warm

I would take all the colours apart, stand each colour up big and tall

Every day I would place a different colour on top

I would keep it in my room and I would sit and watch my rainbow.