Another  week down and our classes have reached a plethora of European Capitals. As we end the penultimate week of the challenge our students have run all the way to places such as Rome, Lisbon, Paris and Madrid. 


Well done to Ms Walker’s 6th Class who won the Active Class Trophy this week.  They were the most improved group with a hugh increase in their laps this week!


 Mr Muldoon’s third class even got to sample some local Italian, cuisine, such as mozzarella, prosciutto and of course, pizza. 


The students have clocked some serious kilometres during this challenge, having completed into the tens of thousands of laps around the school track! One huge positive result of this challenge is that there has been a notable increase in fitness levels in the children. As we look towards the final week of the challenge, plenty of classes are moving further into Europe and are hoping to reach their second city.