We had fun doing experiments during Science week. We used lots of different items and sweets
(yum!) to carry out the experiments.  Take a look through the photographs 

Mixing Paints
We mixed the primary colours red, blue and yellow to make the secondary colours purple, orange
and green. We noticed that when you add white to black it changes it to grey. It was quite messy but

Skittle Experiment
You never get tired of doing the skittle experiment. When the sugar in the skittles dissolved it
created a lovely rainbow of colours. It was tempting not to eat some of the skittles beforehand!

Gummy Bear Experiment
After leaving the gummy bears in the water for a few days, we noticed that the gummy bear
absorbed the water which made them expand.

Tall Tower Experiment
Using spaghetti and marsh mallows we attempted to build a tall tower. It took a lot of patience and

This was our favourite. Using a mixture of fairy liquid and water we attempted to make bubbles on
the desk. It worked better for some than for others. Some even managed to blow a double bubble!