Student Council

A Message From Our President

My name is Ryan and I am honoured to have been elected by my class to be on the Student Council.

We had our first meeting on Wednesday 8th November.

At this meeting the other members of the Student Council elected me to be their president.

We also voted for the following jobs at the meeting: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and P.R.O.

I really enjoyed this meeting and getting the chance to hear all of the ideas that the members have.

We talked about bringing minders back for junior classes, Portable Football nets and loads of other great ideas.

I am delighted to have been successful in joining the student council and look forward to the year ahead. 

Nora Jane, President Student Council

Ryan, President, Student Council

Our Student Council

This year’s Student Council has representatives from An Choill and all our third to sixth classes. We are working very hard and meeting regularly with Ms Duffy and Ms McElwaine. Our names are:

Student Council Members
Ryan (President)
Mya (Vice President)
Leena (Secretary)
Chloe (Treasurer)
Farrah (PRO)
Aoife (PRO)