Student Council

A Message From Our President

My name is Nora Jane and I am very fortunate to be the President of our Student Council.

I was elected by my class to be a candidate in the school elections. I was delighted to be voted onto the Council. At our first meeting, I put myself forward to be chosen as our President. The other members of the Council voted me to be President.

Student Council meetings are held every Thursday at lunchtime. We discuss ideas to make the school a better place for everyone. My classmates give me their ideas and I bring them forward to our meeting. At present, we are working on getting mirrors in the pupil bathrooms. This was something that all the students wanted.

This year we also hope to develop the area behind our football pitch. Possible ideas include a vegetable patch, a memory garden or a picnic area.

Being on the student council is a great privilege and honour. We are so lucky in Woodland NS to have a Student Council and to be able to share the views and opinions of the pupils about school life.

Nora Jane, President Student Council

Nora Jane, President, Student Council

Our Student Council

This year’s Student Council has representatives from our autism suite and all our third to sixth classes. We are working very hard and meeting regularly with Ms Duffy and Ms McElwaine. Our names are:

Student Council Members
Nora Jane (President)
Aleisha (Vice President)
Laila (Secretary)
Luke (Treasurer)
Diarmuid (PRO)