The children in Ms Kilkenny’s class had a wonderful time last month exploring the Doctor’s Surgery theme. They had a great time entering the role play area as a doctor, a nurse, a receptionist, a pharmacist or a patient. The children had to first approach the reception area where they gave their name in for their appointment and they had to fill out some information for the doctor. Then, they had to wait in the waiting room until they were called. The children could explore magazines or play with some toys while they waited. Once in the doctor’s surgery they were diagnosed with illnesses, infections and a lot of broken bones. The doctors were so good that some babies from the baby hospital were also taken to visit the doctors in the surgery.

While some children explored the Doctor’s Surgery, others made ambulances and helicopters to rescue those who needed help to bring them to the mini hospital and some made Get Well Soon cards for those who were sick.

Have a look at the children in action below.

As part of the Doctor’s Surgery theme the children painted their own doctors.

And just when we thought we had finished this theme, we were invited into Mrs Mc Laughlin’s class for a visit from a real life paramedic. We got to explore his ambulance and he showed us how to call for help if there is an emergency. He showed us how to check our pulse and how to care for our friends if they are hurt by putting bandages and plasters on them.

Thank you for the visit Johnny and thank you Mrs Mc Laughlin for organising and inviting us to join.