The boys and girls in Ms Duffy’s room have had a great month learning about the Dr Surgery. In the video below you’ll see our budding doctors and nurses using their equipment to help find out what is wrong with the patients. Our receptionists were most efficient and our pharmacists worked long days to get all those prescriptions out. A very special patient came to visit the surgery with a sore arm. It was Ms Slevin. The doctor and nurse got to work putting on a sling and brought her to the pharmacy where she was advised to take painkillers for 21 weeks.  She made a very quick recovery!
In another corner of the room we opened a baby hospital where the boys and girls got to care for all our babies, feed them, cuddle them and they even learned how to change a nappy.  The boys especially loved this activity🙈
Lots of themed based art was done and the children also got to partake in taste testing and smell sampling. What a fun filled month!