The girls and boys in Ms Kilkenny’s Class, Mrs Mc Elwaine’s Class and Pauric’s Class had a great time together during Wellbeing Week.

They began by splitting up between two of the classrooms and practising the ‘Waka Waka’ dance for the school performance later that day. After that, they did a ‘Find someone who….’ activity. The one rule was they had to find someone from the other classes, rather than children in their own class. The children had great fun getting to know each other a bit more during this activity.

After that, the three classes made their way out to the back yard where some children in Mrs Mc Elwaine’s class explained the rules of the game Over the River/ No Man’s Land and we all played it together. It was wonderful to see everyone having patience with those who hadn’t played it before and there were lots of kind gestures helping each other to play the game.

It was a fantastic Friday morning, full of laughter and fun 🙂